The sole obligation of Airgroup Dynamics, Inc. shall be limited to replacing or repairing at its discretion, in its shops, any of its overhauled, repaired, or bench tested items which shall be found by inspection in its shops to be defective within the limits of the following warranty terms:


  1. The standard Overhaul warranty covers the labor of our workmanship in overhauling components. Overhaul warranty extends for a period of two (2) years or 3000 hours (1500 hours service life per year total) whichever shall occur first.
  2. The standard Repair warranty covers the labor and workmanship accomplished to the components. Repair warranty extends for a period of one (1) year or 1500 hours service life whichever shall occur first. In no event shall it cover a combined period of more than two years.
  3. All components returned to service after a warranty repair, will start at a zero (00:00) time from the original warranty period.
  4. In the case of BENCH TEST or REPAIR instructions, our labor warranty covers only that work which is actually accomplished.
  5. Time in service on Bench Test items will be computed from date of installation for a total of 100 hours.


Parts are warranted only to the extent the manufacturer of such parts warrants them. This means that if the manufacturer replaces defective parts at no charge; we will replace all needed parts we have installed at no charge including the labor involved in installing them, should they fail within the manufacturer's warranty period. Warranty is voided by any of the following:

  • Physical damage - whether incurred by consignor or carrier as a result of improper handling; installation and/or operation procedure.
  • Failure to protect all openings on the component or shipping container.
  • Any warranty seals are broken.
  • Any damage attributed to foreign object damage, contamination, mishandling, or other cause inconsistent with proper storage and/or operation of unit.


If we are at fault for any warranty item, full credit will be issued on all repair labor. All warranty items will be repaired free of charge. We will spare no effort to correct the error to your satisfaction.


Check components immediately upon receipt and report errors at once. Claims for damaged units caused by common carrier should be noted at once and claim made directly to the carrier. Although, our responsibility ceases upon delivery to the carrier, we will assist in any way possible.


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