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At Airgroup Dynamic’s Inc., we perform a full range of accessory maintenance and service. ADI's extensive knowledge of your aircraft type backed by superior workmanship, competitive pricing, comprehensive maintenance capabilities and owner-operator support are a few of the examples of how we provide unparalleled service and support.


Accessory components and systems are the most troublesome and costly of all, many times compiling budget overruns and causing AOG's due to warranties and failures.


In focus with our ongoing commitment to Customer Service, Airgroup Dynamics, Inc. has developed a series of programs suitable for use in the commercial, executive, corporate and commuter airline industries. We propose that implementation of 6 programs will greatly; if not totally eliminate these common problems.

  1. Asset Management
  2. Reliability Improvement & Preventative Maintenance
  3. Rotable & Expendable Exchange & Leasing Pool
  4. Inventory Management & Repairs
  5. Fixed Rate pricing
  6. Monitoring


Airgroup Dynamics, Inc. has developed a management system that ensures the efficient and cost effective processing of your component.

Our Repair Management and Administration team - conducts daily meetings to ensure that we are providing the full range of services required to support your operating fleet's rotable component repair needs in the most efficient manner.


We understand that at times there are rogue units, problem aircraft or poorly designed components. At ADI we investigate, develop and tailor a reliability improvement and preventative maintenance program that will attack and resolve specific problem areas on your aircraft.

Our engineering and quality teams work in close concert to reveal the root cause and clearly outline processes and procedures that will eliminate your specific circumstances.


ADI has a large inventory of overhaul exchange components on site that can, in many instances, provide you overnight replacement when downtime is critical.
Our Component Inventory Specialists will prepare rotable exchange programs that will offer lower life cycle costs with little or no inventory investment.

We also offer a No-Fee-Exchange Program on most of our units.

Note: An exchange fee will be charged if certain conditions are not met. See exchange agreement policy.

Along with our Exchange Program, ADI offers a comprehensive Leasing program. For many of our customers realizing the value of controlling and predicting your costs is of up most importance. Through an ADI component leasing program we can support your aircraft with assets from our own inventory at a cost well below anything an OEM would be able to offer.

Whether you choose rotable pooling, leasing or exchange consignments Airgroup Dynamics, Inc. offers a wide range of support packages.


Working hand-in-hand with our Rotable & Expandable Exchange & Leasing Pool Program is our expansive Inventory Management Program, close to 10,000 line items available.

Along with ADI’s standard time and material repairs/overhauls these two programs form a formidable arsenal of logistical capability within the reach of our customers.


At ADI we offer all-inclusive programs with fixed pricing on a wide variety of components.

Our Customized Pricing Solutions which may include only fixed labor for components that are overdue for maintenance or arrive with parts missing and may we require an over-and-above fee that would include parts only or our Standard Parts and Labor programs.

We will work with you to generate a fixed pricing program that fits your situation.


Lastly, these programs form a core of responsiveness required by our customer’s to get their units back as quickly as possible.

An all-encompassing and functional monitoring system is essential to identify problem areas such as rogue units and field handling maintenance of units.

At ADI we don’t only want to resolve your immediate problems our ultimate goal is to work together to increase the efficiency of your rotables program, whether one or all of these programs are needed ADI is committed to delivering the best possible solution for every situation that you may have.


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